Affiliate Program

Affiliate Agreement

If you refer someone and they spend $200 you get a $25 credit.
If you refer someone and they spend $300 you get $50 credit. 

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Affiliate payments only apply to successful referrals. 


2. A successful referral is when you refer a client and they complete their payment. 


3. A payment is technically not complete until the full payment is received. For example, if the client you refer someone and they select a payment plan, you will not receive your credit until full payment has been received.


4. Due to any promotions we may have, we only provide credit of whatever the total is at that time. 


5. We do not provide payment for past referrals. Please make sure that you  let us know about your referral before the client makes their payment or make sure they use your affiliate link. 


6. Referrals only apply to the client's first purchase. For example, if a client buys something initially, you receive your credit. If they come back to purchase something else, you don't receive a credit for that.

7. All credits must be used within 30 days.